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Friendship Force

A complete website re-imagining for 40th Anniversary.

Since the 70's Friendship Force International has been providing exchanges across the globe for it's members of citizen ambassadors. In an effort to expand their user base, attract younger travels and facilitate a better online user experience, Friendship Force undertook a complete redesign and restructure of their web presence from the ground up. Our main goals were to communicate who Friendship Force is, highlight their Journeys, attract hosts through stories and generate new membership.

Immersive Journeys

Aktiv worked with Friendship Force from the ground up, from establishing new messaging, creating custom imagery and overhauling the brands look and feel. We wanted to highlight the incredible Journeys, making browsing the site an immersive and emotional experience, while being highly usable for the average 40yr+ user base. The major challenge was to communicate the mission of Friendship Force through the Journeys and not look like a travel agency website.

The Impact

The membership areas "find a club" was completely overhauled with a custom interactive svg world map and filterable customized Google maps. Aktiv also created a microsite called Stories of Friendship where members could upload stories and photos that are used in a Stories section. The site also serves it's current members with a new resource directory, news and media. And lastly, Aktiv integrated with several donation API's and payment systems to streamline backend processes.

The launch of the website was marked with praise from both Friendship Force end-users and club organizers. The website featured a completely new responsive design that was warm, welcoming and full of imagery and content that inspired visitors to join. Brand new dynamic functionality like the club finder and journeys pages allow Friendship Force to promote trips in ways never before possible. The website has had such an impact, the Friendship Force team immediately wanted to move into phase 2 upgrades

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